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Perfect Conductor Spray for HiDow Gel Electrode Pads/Accessories for Electrotherapy Devices

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The Perfect Conductor Spray helps to extend the life of your gel pads and provides a boosted ion – enhanced sensation. Works great with all our premium accessories as well!

The 100 ml/ 3.4 oz bottle contains no grease or oils and is water based with ion conductivity used by professionals.

Try it with the AcuBelt, Pro Belt and the AcuSlippers. It is also indispensable for all HiDow wraps: neck wrap, elbow wrap, wrist wrap, shoulder wrap, knee and foot wraps.

Extend the life of all your Gel Pads by applying it after each use.

The Perfect Conductor Spray works together with body wraps like AcuElbow Wrap, AcuKnee Wrap, AcuBelt, AcuSocks, AcuGloves, and the AcuWrist Wrap. With the Perfect Conductor Spray, you can extend the life of your pads as it continues to offer enhanced sensation for every use.

Using our Perfect Conductor Spray means no oils or grease, because it is a water based solutions. Because of this, you can reap the benefits of every HiDow product as you relax your way to euphoria. Whether you’re on your way to school or going for a walk, you can be sure the Perfect Conductor Spray is the complement to your pain management solution.

HiDow TENS/EMS/Microcurrent Electrotherapy units have been recommended by physicians from all over the globe as an alternative to medicine. When you want a pain management solution without the side effects, you can find it within our products.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Perfect Conductor Spray for HiDow Gel Electrode Pads/Accessories for Electrotherapy Devices.

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