Our Story

After suffering with Chronic Pain for more than a decade, I was looking for a medical device that is truly effective with my chronic pain management.
When I discovered the Hidow & TrueStim Multistim devices in the summer of 2017, I was amazed with the result of just using the device for just 1 week!  I am truly grateful to be introduced to the latest technology! I was so impressed with my results that I wanted to share it with all my friends and clients that also want a drug-free solution in managing their pain.

NutriHealth Ventures/TrueStim BC was established in 2017 to help our clients use a MultiStim pain relief devices that utilizes the electrical impulses of TENS(transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation) / EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) for muscle strengthening and recovery. Our patented Microcurrent technology is unique to our devices to help you manage your pain without using Opioid medication and over the counter NSAID drugs to relieve chronic pain.

Our devices are FDA, Health Canada Approved & ISO Certified Class 2 Medical Device which qualify them to be covered by most Group Extended Health Benefits Insurance.

We are an authorized dealer for HiDow International in Canada, HiDow International is based in Missouri, USA. HiDow have been in operation for over a decade. Our Devices has  been used by thousands of people across the globe to treat, prevent and recover from injuries.

Professional and Elite athletes across the USA such as: the US Olympic Ski Team, NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, NHL-LA Kings, UFC, University sports teams, Australia, South Africa and Canada  are using our Devices and Accessories to improve their performance, treat injuries, recover from injuries and prevent future injuries!

We currently sponsor and proud partner of the NHL 2019 Stanley Cup Champions St. Louis Blues, NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, NHL LA Kings, UFC, University of Miami Hurricanes, Douglas College and several Sports Organizations across British Columbia, Canada & USA.

We Love Giving Back! So, If You are a member of  a Sports Organization, Vancouver Police Department, RCMP, Military,  Ambulance Services, First Responders, BC Fire Departments and Medical Professionals, we have a Special DISCOUNT for you! Just mention that you are part of the Essential Services or Sports Organization and we will do our best to Support you!

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best and top of the line multi-stim medical class II devices to help our clients manage their pain and improve muscle performance at the comfort of their own home!

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Emmanuel Turner, Owner, NutriHealth Ventures/TrueStim BC